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Welcome to Goanna Tales Publishing

This site is dedicated to publishing and selling quality Australian children's books and readers.

Goanna Tales relies on Australian standards in education for printing and publishing. Correct font, words and numbers are used in all our stories. We use the education guidelines for developing our readers which follows the curriculum outcomes in kindergartens, preps and classrooms.

For kindergartens, prep and lower primary classes, there are no better resources than the resources we make ourselves and use for our topics and themes.

Children's books and readers need to be suitable for classroom use. Usually we can not find what we are looking for, or the available resources are not suitable for ones unit of work.

Goanna Tales accept new and unpublished material. We source the best artwork, layout and printing options available.

About the Author


Leesa is a local teacher on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She started Goanna Tales Publishing to fill the need for quality reading material at home. Goanna Tales books and readers are available to parents and carers who want to develop a love of books and reading with their children as well as prepare them for school.
Leesa has studied education in Asia and lived and taught in England for two year. She holds a Bachelor of Education and continues her love for teaching and working with children. Her inspiration for children's stories comes from her family and the beautiful Sunshine Coast where she lives.
Leesa has also developed a stationery range including greeting cards and paper.

About the Illustrator


Born in Narrabri NSW, Debbie Taylor's roots are with the Kamilaroi people of the Riverine region of northwest NSW. She moved to Sydney at three years of age, and has lived in an urban environment since.
Although denied the influence of her indigenous grandmother, Debbie has always desired to understand more, and belong to that culture. Becoming a mother made her more determined to impart a sense of tradition to her daughters. In doing so, she found a love for Aboriginal art.
It was through her rigorous research of traditional art methods and styles of her people that she developed a fascination for dendroglyphs, and her desire that more should know about them.

Publisher Information

If you are interested in creating your own sets of readers and other resources, to be available to both other educators and parents to reinforce work at home, SIMPLY CREATE YOUR OWN.

Send them in written form to Goanna Tales Publishing and let us do all the work. We lay out your book, design the reader and print it for you. You have full Copyright of your books.

You may then use your books in the classroom, sell your books or even set up your own resources website for other educators to access. Such as Pascal Press and Boolarong Press.

If you would like to see your manuscript become a book, then Goanna Tales is the publisher to do it for you. Please and tell us about your work, by submitting an online form at the bottom of this page. Once you submit, your manuscript will be reviewed by our skilled and thorough acquisitions staff who will determine whether or not your work has what it takes to become a Published Goanna Tales book.

For hints and questions on organising your work,
email the Goanna Tales Support Team @

Author Information

Welcome to Goanna Tales Book Publishing Company

If you want us to review your work, please fill in the form below and let us know who you are and what you have written.

Please fill in the following form to submit your book to us.

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Goanna Tales will not sell or give your email address or any other contact information to third parties for any reason.

Author Rights

First of all, you retain the copyright of your book. You will also retain all non-book rights, unless you instruct us otherwise. You are always the intellectual owner of the book. No one is allowed to tamper with the text after you have made it final (Including the author). Enjoy becoming a published writer and look forward to seeing your books and readers published for your own benefit and for others to use and enjoy.